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*New fishing reports for 2018 will be posted in spring.
2017 was an amazing fishing season in Tofino, we're excited for another top year.

The 2017 Salmon Fishing Outlook for the Tofino & Ucluelet area Looks to be another great year.
With the sunny Spring weather we've been having , it's been a rewarding year so far with some really nice fish being caught.
Come experience world class fishing on the West Coast of Vancouver Island with a Tofino Fishing Charter company. When you head out on your fishing adventure you'll get to see the beautiful surroundings of nature and wildlife, sand swept beaches, scenic mountains and the pristine inlets and islands.
When fishing with a Professional Tofino fish guide, you have a good chance in catching a salmon in the 20lb range, some fisherman are predicting that 30lb salmons will be caught this Summer. The Coho, Pink and Chinook salmon season for offshore and along the coast line run from May till September.
The halibut season has been promising so far with them being caught mostly off shore and it's expected that May till July will be the best fishing months for the Halibut.
If you prefer fresh water fishing there are several charter company's that head out to remote lakes and rivers by boat or float plane.
Fishing LICENCE and fees for anglers can now be purchased on line for Saltwater fishing and Freshwater Fishing from the Government of B.C. Website.
Visit for more info on fishing and regulations.

2016 Season:
Tofino Fishing Report
Coho Salmon – A bright spot for B.C. Coastal Tofino Fishing Charters.

Coho Salmon have always been considered one of the premier Sport fishing species in the Pacific Northwest, and this season's banner forecast of high returning numbers is creating a renewed frenzy all along the B.C. coast. In years past, Coho Salmon were the driver for B.C.'s recreational fishery boom, encouraging anglers of all ages and experience levels to enjoy the pursuit of these feisty sport fish. Often being caught in shallower water than Chinook Salmon, and on lighter tackle, the Coho Salmon fishery has always been more accessible to the average angler.

Larger offshore style fishing vessels common to the Chinook Salmon and Halibut fishery, are not necessary when chasing Coho Salmon, as most prime opportunities occur within close proximity to shallower protected waters among the Islands and inlets. Fishing from the beach has become more popular than ever, with Tofino's Tonquin Beach a prime example of how enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy a fun salmon fishery for a minimal investment in equipment. Casting basic lures or flies from a quiet sandy beach and hooking into hard fighting salmon is becoming more common along Tofino's beaches. Whether from a smaller boat or off the beach, light tackle action and fly fishing does not start off any better than what we have experienced so far this season. With an outstanding start for action on 4-7 lb Coho since early June, and many Coho beyond 10 lbs by the end of July, we can see the forecasting of best in years type fishing opportunities unfolding to be accurate and true. With a high metabolism and aggressive nature, Coho Salmon feed hard and gain mass faster than all other species of Pacific Salmon, promoting bigger and stronger fish as the summer months unfold. Although Coho don’t reach proportions like the Chinook Salmon, pound for pound they are considered a stronger fighter.

Consistently good action for Chinook Salmon this season can’t go without mention, with August and early September favoured by many. Offshore is where the action takes place for Chinook, and these open ocean trips are often combined with Halibut and/or Bottomfish. Saltwater Fly anglers have enjoyed some outstanding times fishing near Tofino over the years, offering a locale that is considered some of coastal B.C.'s most ideal habitat for Coho Salmon. With the combination of the abundant status 4 outlook, this season should be one of the best we will experience, with the months of August and September favoured for the largest Coho of the year. Reports of anglers hooking as many as 20 Coho Salmon for a morning of Fishing, helps get many fired up about the great months ahead. Big Boat, small boat, no boat, young or old, this dynamic and fun fishery is primed for this year, and a recommended part of your overall west coast experience.

For more information on how to enjoy this great fishery based out of Tofino, whether you need the right gear and information to go on your own, or you are looking for a professional guide to host you on the water, our team is ready to help. Stop in at Clayoquot Ventures Tofino Fishing on the main street as you drive in to Tofino. You can also follow our updates on Tofino Fishing Reports page, Facebook and Twitter.


Spring / Summer
In recent years, favourable ocean conditions have helped create a high biomass of lipid-rich Northern Copepods supporting the base of the food chain, and an above average abundance of winter-time ichthyoplankton- the larval stages of fish prey for Salmon. This further supports the health of outgoing juvenile Salmon from their natal streams in the spring. A prime example of how these positive conditions enhance Tofino’s excellent saltwater fishing opportunities is the very strong outlook for West Coast Vancouver Island Coho Salmon returns in 2013. Coho Salmon provide one of the strongest and most widespread recreational saltwater fishing opportunities in all of B.C., when one considers access to this species and the numbers of fish available to be caught. In comparison to the often larger Chinook salmon, or fishing for Halibut in exposed waters, Coho Salmon are often caught within a close proximity to shore line and protected waters. These geographic aspects appeal to a broader range of anglers in the way of both vessel size and gear type. Tofino’s protected and pristine inshore waters provide great Salmon fishing year round, and are accessible by a wide variety of boats and anglers of all ages. Coho action often picks up in early June, and progressively gets better with numbers and larger fish as the season progresses through to late September. It is not uncommon to see large schools of Coho salmon swimming past your vessel, while fishing the shallow waters of Clayoquot Sound, with some of these prime sport fish breaching the 15lb range. From our experience of 18 years in the business of outfitting, retailing and hosting anglers from around the world, Coho salmon have been a common catalyst for fledgling fishers to get hooked on the sport. Prime time for this fishery is July, August and early September for all gear types that include our popular local Saltwater Fly fishing options. Chinook salmon numbers for the spring and summer season are also looking very good again for the transient stocks of southern migrating runs that provide the Tofino area with such a robust offshore fishery a short distance from Clayoquot.

Halibut fishing along the B.C. coast near Tofino will remain very good, albeit different from March 15th onwards regarding retention regulations. There will be a new coast-wide maximum size of approximately 60 lbs (126cm) implemented on one of two Halibut allowed in possession. The second Halibut in possession must be maximum size of 83 cm in length. The daily catch is still limited to 1 per person, along with a new annual limit of 6 Halibut per person. As with all sport fishing regulations, confirm current regs and potential changes before heading out to fish. The new Halibut regulations are another example of how the Governments need to revisit the management and allocation strategies of the resource to best capture the social and economic benefits available.

With the Tofino area consistently providing a great overall experience to visiting anglers in the way of diverse fisheries, amenities and infrastructure, the 2013 season will once again provide great reason to visit our area. Regardless of whether it is for the first time, or to return for another great adventure, you can plan for another great fishing season around Tofino in 2013.

Fishing Charter and Package options are still available for a number of shoulder and 2013 high season dates for groups large and small, and Clayoquot Ventures Tofino Fishing is eager to help with all options.

Call or e-mail for more info - Don't miss out on this exceptional season!


Overview: The Tofino area's Saltwater Fishery is firing on all cylinders right now for our main Salmon species; Chinook and Coho, as well as excellent fishing for Halibut and Bottom fish. Highlights would definitely be the overall numbers of Chinook everywhere, as well as Coho Salmon inshore providing outstanding action for Fly and light tackle anglers.

Offshore areas: Tofino's offshore Chinook salmon fishing has been very consistent for high numbers of fish; however, we are seeing a smaller average size than normal for mid July. Where we often see many Chinook Salmon 20-30 lbs on average, the bulk of Chinook have been in the mid to low teens. The huge numbers of Juvenile Chinook in the area bodes well for next season. Coho Salmon are very plentiful offshore as well. Raphael Pt and Cleland Island have been the main areas recently, with fishing still consistent at Portland Pt. as well. Until now, Needlefish has been the main food source so anglers have been matching with Anchovies and Needlefish hoochies. Sardines are moving in thick from the offshore, so the switch to large Spoons and Plugs will be happening over the next week or two. Tomic plugs in the 6-7 inch size as well as 6 inch Tomic and Oki spoons with Pilchard spot patterns will be the main producers. Halibut fishing continues to be excellent with many fish in the 30-65 lb class.

Inshore areas: Tofino's inshore fishery fired up earlier than normal with very strong numbers of Coho Salmon as well as plentiful Chinook Salmon feeding on very abundant Needlefish in Clayoquot Sound. We are now in Peak season for our popular Saltwater Fly fishing action with Coho in the 6-10 lb range aggressively hitting Trolled Bucktail flies as well as cast flies. Pink and Purple have been the colors of choice, with our custom tied Clayoquot Clousers attracting huge attention. Inshore Chinook Fishing has been very good with a larger average size found by anglers fishing among the outer islands like Blundan and Wilf Rock close to Tofino.

Freshwater Fishing: Guided trips for Summer Steelhead and Trout have been successful for Clayoquot Ventures guides over the past two weeks. Chrome bright summer run Steelhead caught on the fly in semi-remote watersheds can create lifelong memories. This Catch and Release Fishery is "One for the Bucket List"!

Overview: Though we have had consistent Salmon and Halibut fishing this spring, the wait for the first big "wave" of migratory Chinook Salmon is finally over. Our local Salmon fishery has really turned on in the last week and should only become more productive as the season unfolds. Fresh fish are moving in to feed on heaps of needlefish stacking both on the offshore banks and outer shore line.

Offshore areas: Tofino's offshore Chinook salmon fishing has been very good where large numbers of fish are beginning to show up off of Portland Point, and the Long Beach areas. Chinook salmon are being caught between 100 - 140ft. The most popular artificial tackle has been small blue/nickel and green/nickel Coyote and Oki spoons and needlefish hoochies trolled behind a Purple glow flasher, Red Stryper, or Purple Onion UV flasher. Anchovies have also been very productive in the Purple/Black, Purple Haze, and Bloody Nose Rhys Davis Teaser Heads. Fish are averaging in the high-teens all though there have been a few reports of fish up to the high 20's being caught.

Inshore areas: Until now, Inshore fishing has been off and on, there have been some spectacular days off of Wilf Rock, Moser Point and Monk Rock with a few Chinook salmon in the high teens and low twenties. Anchovies have been very productive in Chrome Betsy and Purple Haze Rhys Davis Anchovy Specials, trolled behind red and green flashers have been working best. Fish are being caught between 50-80 ft trolling on the downrigger. Don't hesitate to try some spoons and glow or UV needlefish hoochies when the fishing is slow, sometimes it only takes a change in equipment.

Coho are being spotted continuously; targeting these fish at Catface, Moser Point and Monk Rock is a good bet using pink, chartreuse or deep purple bucktails. It can increase catches to use a blade in front of your bucktails when you need to change something up to improve your success. With the inshore Coho Fishery now providing consistent action, Clayoquot Ventures' inshore Vessel "Power Play" is launched and ready for action.

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